Thank you for choosing TXTRI! Our coaches want to ensure your overall safety and make sure you are experiencing a positive and encouraging atmosphere. This is where "HAPPY HAPPENS"!

Many benefits have been documented from being part of a group. The first is mileage and pacing to ensure safety and an injury free run.  Our coaches will provide a stress free run and all mapping of the courses for every run. Never guessing how far or how long to run for any given race! We do all that!

Sharing experiences in a group many times broadens the scope of your own perceptions of experiences because you witness others reactions, and hear their accounting of incidents, which mixes with your own to form broader perceptions. The benefits are countless!

Built in support system
Friendly competition to finish a workout.
Improve and measure progress from season to season
Camaraderie at each workout
Fun atmosphere; All Positive! 
Adding custom paces when needed.....keeping it all HAPPY!

Studies have shown the benefits to both your emotional and physical health. Group training fosters greater self esteem. On our own we may assume you cannot do an exercise suggested by a coach. But upon seeing the others in your group performing the suggested exercise, you will realize that it is not as impossible as you first imagined. Realizing that if they can do it, you can too, will make you feel better about yourself and your abilities. And regular exercise increases your physical health, for a healthier, happier you.

YOU CHOOSE! Happy happens when our MIND-BODY-SPIRIT connection is complete! TXTRI offers a complete training program! Each day is SMART and BALANCED!

Benefits to TXTRI also include discounts to area sponsors, events, clothing, and shoes! See list of sponsors to utilize and save locally!

Once again the coaching staff of TXTRI just want to say “THANK YOU”!

Sandra Sutherland

Founder TXTRI

Happy Happens......



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